275/365-rule of thirds

by Anna Molly October. 05, 2018 377 views


Sorry I’ve fallen behind, just a lot of chaos right now plus haven’t been feeling good physically. But I decided to use this image of Mike on his Bike for the rule of thirds because him and the bike (main subject) hit some of the points where an image thst follows that rule, hits on the intersections of the grid for it.

Plus this was always one of my favorites, i have the original print of it, which was shot with black and white film but printed in the color darkroom (it was a series 2 black and white images and 2 in color) and since the texture of the prints were completely different between B&H and color, I just took out all the color calibration on the enlarger so it’s as close to black and white and all 4 images in terms of the final prints, they were cohesive. Very long and tedious to get there but well worth it in the end!

.. and for those wondering, I am trying to come up with a different watermark/logo to use, once I narrow it down I’ll post the ones I like best and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love feedback for which one you feel is most appealing aestheticly but doesn’t overtake my images. Thanks!

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Antonio Gil 2 years, 3 months ago

Love this rule of thirds example my friend

2 years, 3 months ago Edited
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