SPOOKYYY!!! Not recommended for those who want a good scare.

by Anahita Sharma October. 26, 2008 2085 views

Happy Halloween, wooooooohh~~~ *ghost sound*
dogs had fun, a big free run for them all today.
By the way,
I made a new video:
http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=bWUPpAR7oHc [hk.youtube.com]
Go watch it if you have time :) Is appreciated
i am sure you will share the same views as I do

Btw, Yanki and I took Alison and Pringle for a walk today… Alison loves it! Try to get her on the leash… she truly enjoys it. But don't show the leash, she'll probably scamper off.

Sinbad after getting watered by the watering can (to cool the dogs down).

Samba believes he can FLYYYYY. But the cruel reality is he needs to lose some weight first. Boy, it's time to choose between flight and treats. What's that? oh… okay, treats? That's… fine.

Trick or Treat?
I love Betsy's lazy look, she's adorable.

Zacchy boy came along and enjoyed the smells and sounds.

VIvian with these two beauties: Left, Crinkle, wearing a silky red and black cape and Right, Prince, handsome German Shepherd, wearing a beautiful black and gold cape. What these two dogs are not wearing is their dignity! joke

Valerie always looks slightly worried… she is resting after some power runs.

Sheba loves Kathy. She got Sheba on some lovely red wings, doesn't it look beautiful?

Miranda clearly enjoying this run.

Renee sniffing around. This old girl is still going strong. She is really adorable, a dog that needs a home to rest and live out her days in peace. She's so affectionate and will bring her owner a lot of joy.

This is a quiet dog, and extremely well-behaved.

Geraldine's improvement in character is astounding.

Debes with her favourite schnauzer Isaac, Isaac with his favourite human Debes.

Remember Patch, guys? Now Lemondrop, he's got a little thing on his collar displaying his name. He's really cute, and looking good, and got a very keen sense of smell. I was throwing stones pretty far in the grass, and he found the exact stones I threw. Very clever, big improvement from what he used to be.

… Not saying he was dumb before! Him with Wing.

Ready to take photos!

Denvy (Lemondrop's adopter)
Zilla (on her shirt), has now been homed. Whee!

Tomlin wearing a trendy, red neckerchief with skulls printed on it…. hmm, suits him…

Aww, Sheba truly loves Kathy! After all, she came all the way down to Cyberport park.

Are you there? It's me, Marmalade.

Angie brought Pablo and Ellis down, both of them really enjoyed themselves.


Gorgeous Miranda sporting a neckerchief that doesn't quite suit her lovely personality.

I brought Pinto down, and he really loved it! Totally enjoyed himself.

Pablo, you are such a cutie~

Pinto: I'm an innocent little boy with earnest little eyes who only wants a treat and a home for life… kehehehehh…
Hmmm?? Of course there's nothing on my head!

If I went to hell, I wouldn't mind. with him being the devil, he's just so sweet eh :)

Sinbad: Oh no, of course I like this……. thing on my head…

Chomp chomp chomp goes Renee.

Om Nom Nom goes Daffy.

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