Mystic theme - stairs

by Ann Garratty May. 02, 2012 7004 views

Looking straight up at the bottom of the stairs above us in a spiral stairwell in Raglan Castle in Wales

These were the actual, very scary stairs we had to use, they look a bit green and potentially slippery!

On our way to St Canice Cathedral In Kilkenny in Ireland, I guess they didn't want people sliding down the banisters…

Climbing the rickety stairs up the centre of the tower at St Canice. The Round Tower is the oldest standing structure in Kilkenny. You can get great views of the city (weather permitting, we were very lucky). St Canice’s Round Tower is one of only two Round Towers that people can climb in Ireland.

The stairs going to the beach at Wilderness on the garden Route in South Africa, going down first thing in the morning is all very well, you are fresh and eager and have a lovely day on the beach to encourage you, coming back up in the afternoon is a bugger, you are usually hot and tired, the sand in your cozzie invariably chafes, the kids are whining and the stairs go on forever!

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Elainett 5 years ago

Lots of lovely stairs. Only the SA ones have handrails!

5 years ago Edited
Moira 5 years ago

Great set that Welsh tower reminds me of the Scottish Glenfinnan one where I spent my honeymoon not in the tower LOL but opposite it .
My sister climbed it one year and was pretty scared and I coincidentally phoned her at that moment.

5 years ago Edited
David Cardona 5 years ago

Pretty good! Thanks for sharing and keep creating please dear and gentle friend!

5 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 5 years ago

You found some stairs with bags of character!

5 years ago Edited
Art Bee 5 years ago

Around and around and around ....those stairs seem to go on forever in #1 and #2. You are very brave to tackle them. I do like the stairs to the beach and as you say they must be a bugger to climb. Wonderful set of stairs Ann!

5 years ago Edited
Jennifer Litwinowicz 5 years ago

great set! they are all so neat!

5 years ago Edited
Larry Nelson 5 years ago

Nice variety of stairs. Love the spiral staircase!

5 years ago Edited

Wow those are wonderful! Love your angles!

5 years ago Edited
Mallusatish Reddy 5 years ago


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Finbarr 5 years ago

Great stairs set !! i see you visit lreland ,

5 years ago Edited
Pete 5 years ago

some great stairs

5 years ago Edited
Camille 5 years ago

Ireland seems full of old and wonderful things !

5 years ago Edited