Monsignor Quixote

by Anovoula August. 12, 2012 1971 views

I have really made a big brake from blogging, for that I am sorry and my only explanation is a big deal of travelling this year.
But now I'm back home I'd like to continue my Rome series. So here's a photo of a shop in Rome which sold wine with photos of different people on them. So you could find a bottle with the face of Pope John Paul II standing next to one with the face of Hitler.
To that, I add a citation which I find quite true, from a really funny and good book I just finished reading, Graham Greene's “Monsignor Quixote”. (I really reccommend it, don't be disencouraged by the citation below, because it might seem stupid and lame, but believe me, it's a really good philosophical book)

“Do people really do stupid things when they are drunk?”
“Perhaps, sometimes, if they lose control. But that's not always bad. It's good to lose control on occasions. In love for example.”

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Veronika Csã©Falvaiovã¡ 4 years, 9 months ago

what an outstanding idea :D

4 years, 9 months ago Edited