Dog Day at the Ballpark

by Arabella April. 11, 2007 1705 views

Today was full of excitement because today mom was going to take me to the Bats Baseball Game and because the weather was just horrible - it was pouring and hailing and there was thunder and lightning and then it would be sunny and we'd get excited because the game wouldn't be cancelled and then it'd rain again.

We had worked ourselves into quite a state when mom decided no matter what we are going to go. (After all its only like 12 blocks away and we can always just come home.) Unfortunatly Sean & Jasmine who were going to come with us bailed because it was to much rain and Bristo & Emily decided not to come so it was just to be us and Timo but we didn't so much mind.

After all we were going to see the dogs. And boy were there lots - I missed most of the ballgame because I was barking at the other dogs and sniffing the ball park food.

Then finally we got bored and it got very cold and most of the dogs were driven off by the rain so we went home in the seventh inning - Louisville winning and I took a nap on our living room table.

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