by Arabella July. 03, 2007 1709 views

As you might have guessed I don't really do much lately and neither does mom - we just spend a lot of time together, hang out, swim, learn new tricks and meet new friends. Pretty carefree kinda stuff. But I think that's all gonna change mom keeps talking about “August” which as far as I can tell is the time of horror when she goes back to “work”. But on the upside I'll be back in my old haunts with some old friends and some new ones I'm sure. Plus I know my mom will be super nice to me and do whatever she can to help me have fun. And I get to live with Megan who lived with Jazmine last year and will have slightly different schedule than mom (all the better for me). But today was a classic vacation day.

Okay mom, I get it, It's morning and you've got to take a picture of me - but really? from below! that's my worst angle.

Thanks Ruthie for teaching me and mom this trick - no I won't eat the treats.

Okay mom but maybe you should work with Risa on this trick - she's licking her lips over my treats!

Ah ha! King of the picnic table.

And now, tired from a day of work Shelby and I are just going to lay down in the living room and box - but only with our heads. No full body boxing toay.

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