Amazing Color Changing Arabella

by Arabella August. 05, 2007 1170 views

So let it be known that I was born black with a white blaze and white toes. It's what my vet has on record, its what my microchip says, it's the color my dog mom thinks I still am. But lately more and more I've been turning brown, at first it was just reddish highlights (looked pretty cool) then we thought I was turning sable colored (which I'm not) but now the truth is out I am turning completely red/brown. At the end of my transformation I'm going to be the same color as a vizsla at which point I even plan on changing my head shape and height to further my cover story (not being a mutt but rather a viszla). With this cover I plan infiltrate the American Kennel Club. After that I think I'll grow long hair and become a Puli so I can survive the treacherous winters of the northcountry.

See the brown on my belly? Maybe that's not the best brown view.

Can you see it on my back? It's brown I'm saying. I'll have to take a better picture of my amazing color change.

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