I'm Famous (or just well loved)

by Arabella August. 21, 2007 1756 views

http://www.flickr.com/photos/atlpropguy/1185375688/in/set-72157601433051410/ [flickr.com]

I bet you think this is a picture of me taking a nice walk in the cool evening, right?


These are the pictures of my mom taking me for a walk at 6:00am in the morning because she had to go to work early early early (she works in theatre). Anyway she woke me up (brutally) and I was not the chipper puppy I usually am, I was grumby and unhappy.

When we got home I slept on the couch.

The she left for the day only to come home late late (6pm) and took me to run in the water at the park.

This flying water stuff facinates my mom, she tried all last year to find out what these strange cement pillars were and no one could tell her (all those damn northerners) but really they are just giant sprinklers that go on when its really hot out! Most amazing invention ever.

After my trip to the shop yesterday I had a feeling that I was really good at constructing thinngs. Just hanging at the shop is an education. So tonight when my new roommate built this shelf I decided to help out, here I am telling her not to put the screw in the wrong place.

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