Doggy Class

by Arabella November. 16, 2007 1941 views

We went to manners class. I was the best. I know it all.

She has a little girl who is her handler but she's way hyper and too excited about other doggies.

She doesn't like it when I get to close but I'm just following directions.

She's leash/dog aggressive but her mom & dad say they are working with her and that she never ever gets to play with dogs of leash so I bet that has something to do with it.

Since I already knew sit, down, stay, come and a really really good leave it. Mom used the time to teach me to settle. The real reason i"m in this class I gather is to get a little better socialized. I'm skittish around certain people especially if mom gives them the leash and I have have to walk away. But I'm really good at all the tricks when mom has yummies I don't even care that there are other doggies in the room and I didn't even have to wear my gentle leader at all. 'cause i'm good.

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