The Acropolis

by Arabella January. 12, 2008 1346 views

Cool Cool Old Stuffs.

Guardian Dog

Greeter Dog

Silly pups playing on the steps of the acropolis!!! They don't know how cool that is.

Keeping watch over the Theatre of Dionysis


This way to cool old stuffs.

Lost puppies

What a view man!!

Did I mention mom ran into some college friends in front of the Parthenon?? It's amazing!

I'm just going to climb up on this rock formation and take a nap, yep nevermind the view.

Playing a game of hide and seek.

In Greece, in Athens RIGHT BY THE ACROPOLIS!

Where'd he get to now??? Maybe this way.

Carrying the pup up the rocks?

My that's one lucky dog.

And again, I'm just going to nap here in front of this really really cool view of Athens.

Is he up here?

Excuse me, ma'am I was napping.

(ha ha he has to have a leash.)

This guy was really friendly and had one blind blue pretty eye.

This way to a good view folks!

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