Temple of the Olympian Zeus

by Arabella January. 16, 2008 1786 views

Mom swears that all the stray dogs in Greece have the best disposition. Very calm, don't pester people to much and seem to largely get along with all dogs. Love napping on the streets following tourists and finding jobs for themselves.

This is some ruins mom & Jenny saw from the Temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens. Now pictures of old old stuff aren't really my style and I said there'd be a surprise which is the pictures below.

Greek Puppies!! This lady was being petted by a woman's shoe. Seemed real content just to lie in the sun. She was the official greeter.

What seems to be going on over there? Oh just some old ruins. Oh well. Hopeing for a birdy.

Just going to take a nap on the sidewalk. Just for a minute…

This was mom and Jenny's tour guide for the ruins.

Good looking Chap showed her all the sights and the best paths.

The adopted collared strays are ever ready to defend their territories. But from what?

Their human coworkers provide water for the thirsty four footed workers. (Look at his cute little spotted ears.)

Watching the exit.

Staying outside to wish everyone goodbye.

This fellow and his friend are street strays, they didn't belong to a monument but did understand crosswalks.

…and bus routes.

A Acropolis guard settling down after hours.

Having spotted something threatening down the street this guard when to check it out and then sneaked back in through this entrance.

Back on duty.

A dog, on a leash?? Seems silly after all those strays.

This team of dogs escorted mom and Jenny around Plaka that first night when they ended up on some bad streets late at night.

In addition to being escorts they also annoyed Jenny (who doesn't like strange dirty dogs) and managed to play fight down the street.

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