State Park Entry 6

by Arabella July. 08, 2008 1325 views

Me, mom's leg and the cache at the end of a long hike and hunt. I'm really tired in this photo. And hot.

#30 Sibley State Park

We loved this park with all its big oaks and old buildings, hopefully we'll come back and go camping here.

#30 Monson Lake State Park

Small Buggy Park.

#31 Glacial Lakes State Park

This one was the hardest history cache for us thus far, being hot, up hill and having very little shade. But we loved this view and I was happy to finally find this bit of shade.

#32 Big Stone Lake

There is a cool old farm stone wall in this park but I really just loved this lake. I love water, did you know?

#33 Lac qui Parie

We didn't like this park, not at all, the campground was okay and there was some neat buildings and we saw a bunch of animals but they were only there because the area was closed for flooding. It was hot and lonely but I haven't mentioned the bad part yet. The Bugs. The monster Bugs. Maybe it's just because of the flooding and the still water but the bugs were terrible. Awful. I had a swarm of hundreds of blood sucking bugs around me the whole time. There were dozens attached to me sucking the blood out of me. It was soooo bad. We might come back to this park, but only in the late fall when it's cold but not buggy and not flooded.

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