Stealing the Stick

by Arabella August. 03, 2008 1784 views

Grandma didn't think I could steal the stick if she held it way up in the air. Unfortunately for her I'm really really tall, I didn't even have to jump to get the stick back, she never even saw me coming.

But look closely at that second photo, there are a few things I'd like to point out.

One - grandma is laughing, she's soooo close to rolling on the floor laughing out loud. That's awesome! I knew peoples really liked it when I steal things from them and now I have proof.

Secondly - I only have one paw on the ground, I was doing that dance move where you keep one limp on the floor and swing your other ones around only to lift the weight bearing limb up and let the other limps through - like a jump rope. I'm just that awesome.

My last point about this really awesome beach at a pretty nifty park in southern Minnesota (called Blue Mounds or some such) is that rock on the left side. Take a look at it, clearly this is a swimming beach, so we need to protect swimmers but also its outside in a real lake. Look again, see it yet?? They marked it! A rock! Don't you think the rock itself is stands out enough? “Avoid this, it's a rock!” I'm waiting for them to install the markers for the marking sticks, cause seriously if someone wasn't looking they could run right into them and then we'd have a lawsuit.

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