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by Arabella August. 19, 2008 3732 views

Mom's been making me wear a shirt since I got that hole in my side. It's silly because we're hitting some of the highest temp. of the summer in Minnesota this week and I can't go swimming and on top of that I have to wear a shirt. Mom's making it better by letting me wear her shirt “It's all Silka's fault”; Silka is my mom's name and everyone in her family has this shirt*. It's nice to have someone to blame sometimes and I guess she doesn't mind. If you need someone to blame, go ahead and blame my mom; she's used to it.

*my cousin gave them to everyone for christmas because my mom taught her kids to jump on the bed and use a microwave, generally get in trouble

At my cousins house:
Today a neighbor stopped by with a bag of children's stuffies. Apparently their dogs have been taking the kids toys outside with them and leaving them near the edge of the property. This neighbors dog then comes stops by and brings the toys over to her house (we live in the country so the separation between houses is about the size of a city block, oh and there are some buildings in between). Nice of her to bring the toys back!

One other side note (very far to the side) is that today she was right about a rule in poker and all the actual players (mom never plays) were wrong. The person who argued the most with her was the won who would have won the pot if they had listened to mom. My mom knows her rules folks!

If you have slow internet and are thinking about buying a Navigational GPS for your auto, explore options other than the TomTom line. We've had some real difficulties with their customer service and downloading map updates. If you have high speed internet you'll probably have better luck.

That white spot is my hole (or wound or cut) it's covered with could bug fighting cream in this photo (the white stuff). You can also see the large area that was shaved and why we were not able to wrap a bandage around my middle (it was like a bandage slide, swoop down my ribs in to my belly).

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