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You may have noticed I've been….um…missing for a while but I just wanted to reassure you that there is absolutely no good reason for it. At all. I haven't been doing anything important, so I haven't been too busy, we haven't been sick or on vacation and I didn't decide to take a break from the internet and I certainly still love all of you! Be sure of that. So, let's just make a little pact to ignore the month I've been missing and continue on from here as good friends - please?

I'm very excited to be participating in this years holiday card exchange, I haven't made my cards yet but I know just what kind of thing I'd like to be doing and mom knows just what she wants to do with all the cards we hope to get.

Tomorrow I will make my mom take pictures of me to share with you and maybe even for my holiday cards.

While I was gone I did start my career as a pop super star. I'm really good.

Shelby wanted to share some pictures of her nose…

and her toes, mom painted her toe to annoy her cousin (Shelby's dad) when he was home for the first time in months. He didn't even notice.

My kids made a agility course in their backyard with all kinds of interesting things. They were very inventive and did it all by themselves.

I wasn't feeling the whole ‘over’ trick today. (You can see I'm still wearing a shirt in this picture. ie. this picture is old. My hole has healed really great, no infection, and it's even growing hair now!).

I did this jump but only because there was now way around. Now mom has decided agility is fun and she built me a new big girl jump and tried to rig a tunnel (tried to, it didn't work). She'll have to buy one.

We had a party for my youngest girl (she's 4 now) and I got all wrapped up in balloons. I love balloons.

August was really hot, so when mom took me on a long long day of geocaching and there were no lakes/rivers around she let me play in this mud pit.

It was really great until she told me I'd have to take a bath.

Also the mom went on lots of adventures without me (booooo!) including the the Ren Fest (dogs are allowed mom!!!) and a apple farm, where she took this picture of some adorable goat babies.

They are named Marshmellow and Hershey. I'd let you guess which is which but since my cousins thought it needed to be spelled out for me I'll just go ahead and do the same for you, Marshmellow is the white one and Hershey has the brown bits.

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