Learning to Pull

by Arabella October. 22, 2008 2314 views

To start with mom made me my own harness with the information she found on this website (http://www.uberpest.com/harness.html) [uberpest.com] and the visual help of several pictures.

Backstory - The girl scout troop we work with was giong to do this really cool thing with sled dogs but they ‘didn’t have space for our group’ - which they told us less than weeks before the event, the council really needs to change their policy about on this matter. Anyway mom made the harness so the girls could see and touch one up close (and because it sounded like fun!).

She made it pink and the reasons for that are not very compelling and have to do with favorite colors and them not having a lovely shade of green or a outrageous shade of orange. So I’ve gained my first pink item. And I think I look stunning in pink.

She had some trouble with the padding and how the sewing machine kept binding up but all in all it didn’t take that long to make.

So then all we had to do was make a sled! But that seemed to hard for mom so she hooked me up to a blue block thingy that didn’t slide well (having nothing with wheels). After that torture I reminded her about all the plastic sleds that are stored out by the sledding hill. She really needs to think these things through.

Here you can see me pulling the sled away and towards my mom. It was lots of fun to get out and actually pull these things.

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