Long Distance Friendship : GetMeaning#Rats #Cutie #BFF

by Arman Chaudhary July. 27, 2017 1231 views
Distance means so little, When Someone means So Much !

Distance means so little, When Someone means So Much !

In my life any activity cant be complete without mentioning this person .

Vishakha mahadik aka Cutie!

Its all started a decade ago on orkut , we both never thought of such a special bond has stored for us.

Time change , priorities change, orkut change in to facebook , got stuck n busy in career n life , all seems to change but one thing is still remain constant , its the bond we share!.

Last year xmas was the first time , we met in 8 years & seriously its still give goosebumps.

The presence of her change my perception towards life. Her authorative nature , keep counselling me, motivating to go ahead is far better than any medicine to fight with depression.

So if two hearts are meant to be friends, no matter how long it takes, how far they go , how tough it seems together, Fate will bring them together to share friendship forever!

#Cutie I know our paths will cross again!

Meet You Soon! Baba

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