GOA : If you never go, You will never know!

by Arman Chaudhary April. 04, 2019 435 views

Life is a Beach, Find Your Wave !.

Life is a Beach, Find Your Wave !.

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective !.

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective !.

Goa "The Party Capital of India"

Mention the word “Goa” and scenes of lazily swaying palms, golden sands, dread-locked-beer-swilling-hippies, dance parties and yoga retreats probably come to mind. And "Celebrating New Year In Goa" is everyone's dream. So we are here ! Goa.

Goa during New Year is simply electrifying!. We were at Calangute Beach at new year eve. The beach is abuzz with locals and foreigners partying crazily. It shacks play DJ songs to keep the guests on toes. The scene turns more vibrant after the sunset.

“Sky above, sand below, peace within.”

The crystal clear waters, wide blue sky, long stretch of sand and soothing calmness are possibly the best ingredients sooth a restless soul and a tired mind. This is what Chapora Beach did for us.

Goa has just so much to offer to everyone. Its beyond than just partying and drinking. It's where we feel alive.

Coz "Beach is not always a place, Sometimes its a feeling!"

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