First flight!

by Arno May. 13, 2017 1878 views

Each flight starts with an aircraft dispatch form, to make sure airplane weight and center of gravity are within allowed limits and runway length is sufficient for take-off and landing.


Scheduled for the afternoon! Just enough time to prepare during lunch break after a briefing with my instructor in the morning.

Cessna 152

Today's airplane, a 2-seater Cessna 152, the perfect training airplane. Quite light and very sensitive to controls.


Lots of checks to be done to verify the airplane is ready and safe to take to the air.

Remove before flight

Remove before flight. Obviously.


Impression of the cockpit. Pretty tight for 2 tall people, but it worked fine! The Cessna 152's are old, but very reliable airplanes.


One phone call for a full tank of Avgas aviation fuel and we're good to go!

El Cajon

The small city center of El Cajon. Nothing very interesting, but... it's only 20 minutes from San Diego.

Car show

Weekly American car show; a small selection.

The first flight was truly amazing, like a dream come true already, and flying seems very addictive - I can't wait to go again and start learning much more! It's incredibly challenging with all the different controls, instruments, looking outside, navigating, listening to + communicating with air traffic control, etc. The first hour has been noted in my logbook and at least 44 hours will follow (of which 10 solo!) before the final exam ('checkride'). Next lessons will include: straight and level flight, climbing, descending, turns (various kinds), slow flight, stalls, etc. and after passing the PPL (Private Pilots License) checkride I'm also planning to get a night rating (i.e. to be allowed to fly at night) as a cherry on the cake - that requires another 5 hours of which one solo.

The next flight was scheduled for Saturday but unfortunately no Cessna 152's available, so need to wait till Monday. The first time ever I hate to have a weekend "off". Plenty to read and study anyway, so I'll just focus on that right now, to get the theoretical part out of the way ASAP; 2 exams passed last week (with 100% :D) so 7 more to go...

Next time hopefully also some pictures of myself flying or around the plane. Today has been way too hectic for that. Take care everyone!

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Hans 4 years, 1 month ago

Arnooo! Wat een foto's en wat een teksten post je ;) Helemaal goed!!!

4 years, 1 month ago Edited
Jaclyn Van Rijn 4 years, 1 month ago

Spannend!! En goed bezig met de examens!! Succes en fijn weekend 😜 en we wachten nog even geduldig op de luchtfoto's!😘

4 years, 1 month ago Edited