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One week ago today( March 27 2011) at 8:30 Sunday morning a devastating explosion ripped apart an apartment complex shattering windows and blowing out walls. Fire quickly spread sending residents fleeing for their lives. 100 people from 45 units have been left homeless and displaced. Two lives were lost, families are devastated. The Fire Marshall's investigating team are still searching the debris for the cause of the explosion. It is speculated that natural gas was the source.

Thank you for your expressions of sympathy and for your prayers. I appreciate all your thoughtful and kind words.

Their lives….

will never…..

be the same…..


Tragedy has struck once again in this little town of Woodstock Ontario Canada…….Sonday morning is what saved most of the residents of this apartment complex. My prayers are with the families of those who did not make it out. My heart is saddened…..

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Olga Helys 10 years ago

Thanks for this "in memoriam" !

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Pickledherring 10 years ago

It is very sad indeed..

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Lis 10 years ago

i am so sorry to hear this. :'(( I pray for the two who have lost their lives.. may they rest in peace. And i pray for those families.. may they find refuge in God's love.. may they have a place where they can call a home soon.

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Dave 10 years ago

A very sad event, indeed. You have captured the devestation in a very photojournalistic manner. Commendable.

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Roger 10 years ago

very saddening Art

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Eiram Marie 10 years ago

So sad....what a terrible tragedy...

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Paul 10 years ago

Great shots of this terrible tragedy......

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Eric J H Joyce 10 years ago


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Ricardo 10 years ago

oh :(
this is so sad :(
I can't even imagine if it was with me :(

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Gregg Maretka 10 years ago

what a terrible thing to see.....and hear !!! wish the best for them !!

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Hong S 10 years ago

sorry to hear that,

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Patricia Gonzales 10 years ago

I am saddened for their loss. May God give them strength and guidance! Prayers coming their way!

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Mallusatish Reddy 10 years ago


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Finbarr 10 years ago

l am so sorry !!

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