Artbee's Flowers and Plants Posts

Wild flowers, plants, shrubs, berries and trees are numerous here in Ontario. A burst of colour and scents in the summer. Nature is beautiful!

There are so many varieties of wildflowers and all so beautiful! Here are just a few that are in my own backyard!

A white trillium serves as the emblem and official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is an official symbol of the Government of Ontario.

My Hoya is sprouting blooms all over! The fragrance from these flowers is powerful! This is a very beautiful and unusual plant. It has thick vines and leaves.…

The gardens in this park are full of tulips. They are arranged in purple pink and yellow. Very nice. Southside Park Woodstock Ontario Canada

Purple is the colour of the day. I had been away on vacation for a week, when I returned it was a jungle of purple in my garden! Beautiful sight and such a…