Monkey Puzzle

by Arun Tp September. 29, 2016 2834 views

Monkey Puzzle (Rathinda amor) is a funny name for a butterfly, i feel this name was given due to its puzzle like markings on its wing. Any way i could find another Monkey puzzle Tree  (Araucaria araucana). which is a tree found in Chile and Argentinia geographical area. One is flora and other is insect...interesting naming. As i didnt travel to Chile or Argentina i was not able to photograph Monkey puzzle tree and share with you. In my garden around some seasons i could find Monkey puzzle butterflies fluttering and i am sharing some photographs of it here.

Monkey puzzle

Monkey puzzle with closed wings

Let look below photograph and can you construct a puzzle out of it. The photograph is the zoomed image of Monkey puzzle butterfly wings.

Monkey puzzle with opened wings

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G B 4 years, 4 months ago

interesting and lovely....

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Arun Tp Replied to G B 4 years, 4 months ago


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