D2: Rockdale

by Asad R July. 21, 2017 450 views

For over 6 months, I have been making the hour-and-half one-way trip to Rockdale to get to temporary site office. It's either that or a 40-minute trip to the City office, where from the 36 level I get the most magnificent views of the city. The views can only amaze so far.

Rockdale was where the work happening: where the project managers, the design engineers, the environmental team, communication team, IT team, and all other support teams were located. That's where the knowledge was. And that's what I was after.

Prior to this job, I had felt pigeon-holed at my work. Labelled as a specialist and only considered good for technical work, and just "help" when it came to other work. I wasn't unhappy; it's almost what I had asked for, but just felt trapped by my own decision.

So, I moved on, to explore what's out there and to learn more. To know what other people did to make a project "happen". I've met some very talented and nice people along the way, I've dealt with the clients, managers, designers, construction crew. But I've also noticed the bureaucracy, the layers and layers of policy, the aversion to liability, and the knowledge of why the wheel turn so slowly.

All because I sacrificed magnificent views of the city.

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