D3: Pollo Alla Divola

by Asad R July. 21, 2017 548 views

That's probably the part of this job that I will miss the most: having Pollo Alla Divola at the Italian restaurant close to work. I discovered this place a little too late, only a month or so before I left, which was yesterday (I'm behind on the text part of the blog).

Even though I enjoyed my time at this place, I wasn't quite doing what I wanted to do most, in my area of expertise. So, I've grabbed a better opportunity, something that seems to be offering the balance I need. Even the people at work understood my decision to leave.

At some points when I hadn't finalised my decision, it seemed I was going backwards. Back to being a specialist. But I've realised since that this is an opportunity for a fresh start, to be able to steer my career before I drive myself into a one-way street.

Meanwhile, I've picked up some valuable knowledge and skills, while making some good friends and expanding my network. It's a small world, I'm sure I'll run into these guys again. And go have another Pollo Alla Divola again.

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