D4: Gardening Leave

by Asad R July. 22, 2017 567 views

I have this Friday off, so after a long nights sleep and some breakfast I tended to my plants. There's two kinds of chilli plants, an eggplant, a strawberry, a tomato, an avacado and some others. I also planted some garlic a few weeks ago which is now sprouting. There's also mint, basil and corriander plants which are not in the picture.

Although I do water them almost daily, I admit I'm not very good at caring for them. Despite this, the chillies and eggplant have been quite fruitful. But it's my first time that I've tried to use any gardening skills at all and most of them have made it almost a full year.

It's tricky business growing plants. One has to watch out for them overgrowing the pots, have to trim the lower branches so the plant doesn't start veering off at a funny angle (found out too late in the case of the tomato), then there's the whole over/under-watering thing, and in my case I have to move the pots around every few months to optimise the sunlight as the sun changes the angle.

Oh, and then there's the bloody caterpillars! Those buggers ate my entire mint and basil plants in 2 days! Sure, they're tiny plants, but still. And, if you're going on leave make sure you ask someone to water them; they aren't as rigid as they seem.

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