D14: The Car

by Asad R August. 07, 2017 347 views

To me, driving is one of the most stressful activities there is, and so I avoid it as much as I can. Which is why I didn't own a car for a long time and signed up for a car sharing service in case I did need one. Last summer though, I finally bought one. It's only the second car I've had. It's a Toyota Corolla Accent, 2014, bronze.

Life has gotten a bit easier since I got it. But I still try and find my way around driving. A few weeks ago, I discovered that the horn wasn't working, so I took it to a mechanic to get it checked out. Turns out that the horn had fallen off, someone had used the wrong fuse and the wiring was all over the place. Whoever has it had done a quick fix before getting rid of it and I didn't find out because there was no paper trail.

Oh well, it's mine now and I'll do what I can to take care of it. But doesn't really help in getting me more attached to it.

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