D24: Go Karting

by Asad R August. 15, 2017 400 views

My first social events with the new company: go karting followed by dinner.

These guys are a nice bunch, not much office politics as far as I can tell, and everyone's easy to get along with. It's probably because there's more younger people here than most places I've worked at. The youth is sort of contagious.

I'd only done go karting once before and given my aversion to driving, I totally sucked at it. But I was the second worst (so hopefully no one will remember) and I really enjoyed it. We had three rounds, and after getting used to the speed I started experimenting with the turns and squeezing past others. But I kept crashing and waiting for the staff to pull me out.

Pretty sure, I'll be better the next time around. Also, should've panned that photo....

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