D32: A Night of Illusions

by Asad R August. 20, 2017 1127 views

Today was really, really windy. I, the lightweight that I am, had to lean into the wind to keep from skidding. Went out for a walk and burgers with a colleague, with whom I had been working on a tight deadline.

At night, my wife came over, we had dinner at the markets; tried out a variety of small dishes. Then we went off to a Science Festival event - A Night of Illusions.

In the city it felt even windier, as the buildings formed wind tunnels between them.

Theevent was interesting. There were different set ups where our guides took us through different tricks that the brain plays on us. Things like holding different sized balls, then suddenly same sized ones, the rubber hand effect, virtual reality (which really induced vertigo in me, even though I'm not generally afraid of heights), and an intro to animals and plants that camoflauge themselves for survival.

The photo's just of an interesting decoration that had hanging. Don't know if it has any illusionary characteristics.

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