D40: Persian Chef

by Asad R September. 03, 2017 990 views

Met up with my Persian friends for some Persian good at Persian Chef. The Persian couple used to be my colleagues at one of my previous jobs and we've kept in touch. They're great people, very jolly and fun to be with. We've been planning to visit this restaurant since a year ago, when they first recommended it to me. But we finally made it.

My wife and I drove over and met them around 4pm there. They had warned us that this was going to be a big meal, so we had skipper lunch and gone for an early dinner. Also, the place was expected to be less packed at the time.

They were right, the serving was huge. They were discussing the orders with the waiter in Persian so I didn't even catch the name of the dish. I had been looking into the menu, but mostly focusing on the photos. Anyways, this was meant to be a multi-person dish. We got two of the same. It had 2 kinds of rice; kofta, chicken and beef skewers and some veggies. And it was delicious! I thought the kofta was the best and thankfully my wife liked the chicken better, so I happily traded some of my chicken for the kofta.

We even had some left over for lunch the next day.

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