D41: Down by the River

by Asad R September. 04, 2017 688 views

Our place is close to a river. The first time my wife and I came here was to visit a friend. We were early, so took a walk along the river and took the long route to my friend's place. During the walk, we had decided that this would be where we move to next. We did.

Initially, we had planned to talk the walks by the river more often. Then, the weather happened, busy work schedules happened, other weekend excursion happened. The walks, not so much.

I've often swung by the park along the river by myself and done pull-ups at the bars to treat a back problem. But today, my wife and I both came for a walk, I stopped to do my pull-ups, and we continued.

There's also a ferry terminal close by. In summer, we try and take the ferry to the City if we can. It takes much longer, but the cool wind in the warm sun is all worth it.

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