D47: Shopping

by Asad R September. 13, 2017 942 views

It was the Vougue fashion week in the city, and we had a few AmEx offers. So, my wife and I headed over.

We generally dislike shopping, especially in-store. But it was a good way to get some walking done. My wife did actually need (want?) new shoes, so we were stopping to look at those. That day my back was hurting a lot too, so that gave me a good chance to just sit and rest a while.

After going back and forth between 3 different stores of the same company about 200m from each other. She found the shoes she liked and we got them.

We had also been given some cologne testers and so stopped to chat a with a sales person and try a few fragrances for me. The one we both really liked was a bit too expensive, but we kept looking for a cheaper alternative. And so, we finally got a cologne that my wife and I both liked.

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Heike 3 years, 1 month ago

I like this shot, looks stylish !
Btw : Women NEED shoes.  It's not a question of 'wanting' them. smile

3 years, 1 month ago Edited
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