D48: Dumplings

by Asad R September. 14, 2017 845 views

My back was still hurting and I needed to walk to make it feel better, so we headed to another mall near my work place. I even went for a massage to see if that would help, but after half an hour of having my back kneaded, it still didn't feel any different. Then, we went to this street food area to see what all of that was about.

It was inside the shopping centre and the place was designed as a collection of small food stalls. Most of the places were Asian. My wife had always wanted to try dumplings and there were some vegetarian ones around so she got that and I got two different small servings from different stalls. The food wasn't all that great and the atmosphere wasn't very street-like either. But it was a great day to be outdoors and we tried new things, so it was ok.

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