D55: Crash

by Asad R September. 15, 2017 563 views

I crashed into another car. As I pulled into the through queue at the lights, I thought I had enough space to squeeze into the right-turn bay but I was wrong. I heard a painful crunch as I scratched the neighbouring car. I signalled him to follow me into the street I was turning into.

We both pulled over and asked if the others were ok - we were. My passenger side door wouldn't open so my my wife stayed in. Details were exchanged and we were on my way. I called the insurance company and filed my first claim.

I'm not sure what caused it though. Maybe it was the part of the car hardest to see so I just misjudged. We were on our way back home from a birthday party we had attended and I had been sitting down there for quite a while. My back had been hurting and I was eager to get home, so it could have been a factor as well. I don't know but I'll need to be more careful from hereon.

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