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by Asha Bridewell January. 09, 2017 270 views

It’s the start of a new year and my second term at UCL. 
Currently lacking: money, motivation and meal ideas. 

Here comes the old ‘new year, new me’ shabang; everyone seems to naturally follow the ‘healthier lifestyle approach’. But when you’re trying not to be in severe debt while living in central London, a £1 pizza is an ideal cheap meal right? 

Realisations from Term 1 

1. Buying a 70p butternut squash may seem like a brill idea at the time, but when you have been cutting and peeling for an hour and have 2 exams in the next couple days, you really have to question your priorities.

2. Don’t buy healthy food for the sake of health e.g. buying dried apricots for snacking because you think they’re good for you, you have never liked them n you never will. 

3. Uni is really intense (who knew???) and I defo don’t have as much time as I was expecting - so planning meals ahead, bulk cooking and freezing it for another day is a LIFE SAVER. 

Uni in London is sometimes avoided because the cost of living puts people off but you can still live on a budget and eat supeeeeer yummy food. 

Look out for recipes n ideas xxx

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