a little peek into... just me

by Asiamack March. 10, 2012 275 views

nights are never dark
as sweet dreams are colourful
and a dreamer ~ me

as age catches up, I realise that a man my age cannot, by any means, sleep naked anymore… LOL, of course I never did.

a blanket is a must, but not only that. as the air-cond is always set at 20 degrees, even in tropical climate a man my age would need to be in full gear. the coldness that touches the skin could be killing, if not just chilling. thus, the full gear ~ thick cotton shirt, knee length pair of socks and trousers (years ago it used to be just short or boxer).

on the bedside table is the galaxy tab to function as alarm clock. however, again, being at this age, I usually wake up much earlier, an hour before the alarm rings. subuh prayer is about 10 past 6am.

at the end of the bed is the TV which often ‘watches’ me and not vice versa. sometimes I doze off with a book or magazine or the day's newspaper right smack on my face.

am not yet in the ‘senior citizen’ class but is fast catching up with their exclusivity. me oh my…

anybody in the same league?

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