Still Life

by Agnes Felber May. 16, 2011 5056 views

There is nothing still about my life these days…
it is actually rather stressful and hectic…
still I am way ahead of myself with these posts, because these are the only things giving me some diversion from the daily stress I am under… (I will explain soon, in more detail…)
Till then:A little Mozart to soothe my scattered brain. []

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Ktfoto 6 years ago

Smart and effective photo, very design.

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Jorge L Moro 6 years ago

Hope it all works out for you. You know where you can reach me if you need any help.

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Andrea 6 years ago


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Pauline Wilson Brooks 6 years ago

wonderful - beautiful images and beautiful music - balm to the soul..

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Juhász Imre 6 years ago

Érdekes, nyugtalanságot tükröző kép.

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Masoud Ahmadpoor 6 years ago

Excellent shot! ... I hope happiness and peace for you :)

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Xabolcs 6 years ago

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Ray 6 years ago

I'll feel your stress when you start imaging empty Whiskey bottles! So far you seem OK. Was your intent a harshness as stormfish suggest? The background and vase reflection do a business about them. And the light on the counter could be an ugly glare. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

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Andrã©S 6 years ago

I am sending to you muy possitve thougths for giving you up the stress.
I am thinking of you becuse Menphis is facing his figth with Oklahoma in NBA. Go to the basket and will leave the stress enyoing with the Menphis team. Best regards

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Stormfish 6 years ago

this IS quite a stressful picture and epresses your words very well - the furfaces and light conditions here almost "hurt" the eye. sorry to hear you're in trouble. my father, who was a psychoanalyst, always said when anyone in the family claimed to be stressed: "it's all what your ID wants to make you believe".

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Tahasin Ahmed 6 years ago

nicely done

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Natalie 6 years ago

very elegant Agi.

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Larry Nelson 6 years ago

Very nice and peaceful, Agnes!

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Brenda Nelson 6 years ago

This is an exquisite image, Agnes. I love the softness and the shine. Hope things work out well for you. Keep us posted...

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Jacki 6 years ago

Very pretty, is that you reflected in the vase?!

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Dominique 6 years ago

very nice!

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David Cardona 6 years ago


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Beth 6 years ago

you do the best still lifes (lives?)..... this is wonderful

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