Vacation Adventure

by Jeanette B March. 02, 2017 468 views

Well, I'm on day 5 of my weeks vacation.  I don't normally go anywhere special when I'm on vacation.  Yesterday however we took a day trip to visit the Battlefields in Fredericksburg, VA.  Most of our adventures take a spin for the worse and of course this was no different, lol. 

Our first stop was the Fredericksburg Battlefield.  It was a beautiful walk, the sun was out with a light breeze.  Took many pictures and learned a lot of the history that took place.

Next we traveled to the Chatham Manor.  Toured the main house, was able to take more pictures.  Stepped outside, just in time for a major down pour! Ran back inside for a few minutes until it let up a little.  Still trying to snap pictures along the way as we ran back to the car lol.

Finally made it back to the car.  Husband went to start the car... nothing.  The starter died.  Ok husband and son have the hood up and the trunk open.  At least 5 groups of people walk past, glance over at us but keep walking... thanks for the help folks!  Then a car pulls up and asked if everything was alright. My husband explained the problem and told him that we weren't from the area and had nobody that we could call.  This man worked at the park and was in a park van.  He said he'd be right back.  He came back in his personal car and took our son to not one, but two auto parts stores so he could pick up a new starter.  We never got the gentleman's name but he sure was an Angel in disguise. Our son got the starter put back on and I was asked where I wanted to go now and I simply said, "Home!"

But I do look forward to going back to see more of Fredericksburg's history... at a later time!

US Flag blowing in the Union Cemetery

Stone Wall along the Sunken Road

Walking up to Chatham Manor

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