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Red Leaves by aussirose

Red Leaves by aussirose

A favourite shot. Taken in Stanley Park, Vancouver. I had seen some amazing photos of maple leaves being tossed over park benches and wanted to get that shot! No.... didn't happen. So I strategically placed some red leaves on a park bench and focused to create a bit of soft surrounding and voila!.... this gorgeous pic :)

I Post processed in photoshop to make the bench black enhance my photo.

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Lee Santiva 8 months ago

Great composition and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and techniques on the shot

8 months ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Lee Santiva 8 months ago

Thanks so much Lee smile

8 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill 8 months ago

beautiful shot..

8 months ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Sherry Hill 8 months ago

Thanks Sherry smile

8 months ago Edited
Heike 8 months ago

Simply good!

8 months ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Heike 8 months ago

Thank you Hieke smile

8 months ago Edited