India - Alleppy - Sunset on the Beach

by Ann Kennedy August. 25, 2019 224 views

We did an afternoon trip from Kumarakom to Alleppy on the beach.

Obviously a popular spot for sunset. We found a quiet inlet where a couple of locals and their kids were enjoying a family afternoon in the beachside hut. We also saw some fishermen coming back with their catch and pulling up the old canoe onto the beach.

Around the other side, the beach was more crowded and they had camel rides at sunset. Sunset was stunning.

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

We can almost feel the warm wind

2 years ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Yes it was nice and warm mate smile

2 years ago Edited
Ines Ganteaume 2 years ago

#1 is my favorite

2 years ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Ines Ganteaume 2 years ago

Thanks for visiting Ines smile

2 years ago Edited
Don Baird 2 years ago

Love that last photo

2 years ago Edited
Ann Kennedy Replied to Don Baird 2 years ago

Glad you like it thanks Don smile

2 years ago Edited