The Beginning

by Ayman Bukhari February. 28, 2017 1075 views

I've always loved taking photographs. Even before I ever had a camera I recall taking mental snapshots of landscapes, scenery and moments that I wanted to store forever and that spoke to me in some way or told a story.

When I took this photo, I was hiking along the cliffs of the island of Gozo when a thought crossed my mind that reflected something I had read in a book called The Alchemist. Looking out into the infinite ocean, we would wonder what was beyond all this.  In the simpler times before mass communication and globalisation, all that we would have of the world beyond our line of sight was what we were told by travellers and legend. Our perceptions would be molded by their words and our own imagination. Our minds would be free to build and create yet still be drowned in wonder and possibility. I feel we've lost that now somehow with the ability to find photos, videos and endless information about almost any area of the world we know. What I aim to recreate with my photos is that sense of wonder by creating images specific to the feelings I experienced in that moment, and the kind of beauty and awe I personally experienced. You could see the places I have photographed for yourselves and witness a completely different wonder shine through, personal to yourself.

So that's the aim of this blog, to reignite the storytelling and passion for exploration, both inside us and outside of us, of old. I hope you gain something from it :)

Infinite possibilities beyond the horizon
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