Deerland Park of Lanchang

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Deerland Park of Lanchang

Animal Attractions
Photo taken on January 2, 2010
Bukit Rengit, Lanchang,
Pahang, Malaysia

Deerland Park is a privately owned and managed deer park with some 30 Indonesian deer (Cervus Timorensis). Visitors to the park have a chance to hand-feed these gentle creatures and observe their behaviour at close hand.

Locating at Bukit Rengit, 10 minites drives from Kuala Gandah Elephants Centre, Deerland Park is interesting and fascinating place during the deer-feeding session as you can touch the wild animals that have been tamed and trained to allow human to go near the deers and touch them.

This popular nature attraction, which is located on a 4-hectare site at the heart of the still pristine and verdant Krau Forest Reserve is divided into two attractions - The Deerland Animal World and the Deerland Nature Park.

The Deerland Animal World keeps a variety of wildlife in an environment that replicates their actual habitat. Visitors can get up close to the animals, which include ostriches, and the Malayan sun bear (Helarctos Malayanus). A 200-metre long wooden walkway with an observation tower at Bukit Rengit facilitates a tour of the area.

Other attractions in the 4-hectare park include ostriches and a sun-bear (Helarctos Malayanus) named Muda.
It also offers visitors more activities to partake, including camping, herb identification tour (about 40 species of rainforest herbal plants), jungle trekking, ‘flying fox’ cable facility, jungle cooking demonstration, jungle survival, and bird watching, among others.


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Mohd Zulkifli Zakaria, 34, the deerkeeper at Deerland Park playing with Dong, a 7 years old female Malaysian deer. Dong is named after Ulu Dong, a local district at Pahang state, the place where they taken this female deer.

Dong baby, was born a week before this photo has been taken. This is how the deer keep their baby from the wild.

Mohd Zulkifli Zakaria, the deerkeeper are reflected inside the eye of Dong, a 7 years old female deer.

Muda, a Malaysian sunbear. 7 years old.

Hitam, a Malaysian sunbear. 5 years old.

The tourist can feed the sunbear with their own hand but under supervision of the staff. The favourite drink is creamed milk.

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