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Maliau Basin Conservation Area is located in south central of Sabah, Malaysia and nearer to Kalimantan Border of Indonesia. It is accessible either from Kota Kinabalu/Kaningau or coming from Tawau. We were be able to come here and explored the area covered with flora and fauna. In this limited space, i just posted a few photos to show and maybe will make interesting to come here in future.

Observation Tree

A view from observation tree at Nepenthes (Camel Trophy Camp). To reach this camp, you need to walk from Agathis Research Station about 7.5 km deep in the forest. Some part of the track, where you need to climb 3.5 km. The track quite tough for but at same time we have enjoyed the beautiful surrounding us. Leeches is everywhere. So get some good protection if you don't want to be bitten by them. 

Bongol Waterfalls

Bongol Waterfalls, there many waterfall in the conservation area, still hiding and yet to be explored. More than 30 waterfalls have been identified but only a few has been captured by photographers. All the natures look untouchable. 

The river moving cool and calm

The Stream, actually the water is clear, brown or maybe near to red because affected by the Agathis Tree.

Micro/Close Up Photography. Members of the team capturing the mushroom. Walk slowly  with sharp eyes or you will miss the tiny little beauties. "You may not see what they see"

Enjoying and love natures. The Maliau Basin Study Center offered accommodation and other facilities for visitors. To do tracking and overnight in the Camel Trophy Camp, you need a special arrangement by the authority. 

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Heike 4 years, 3 months ago

Very interesting story and brilliant photos !

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