February Visitors

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At the end of February, Grandma and Grandpa Carey came to visit from California and experienced a rare cold spell here in Hattiesburg.

I love this picture because it captures so well Lila's exhuberance and energy as an active two-year-old these day! We all got free tickets to a USM Lady Eagles basketball game because Lila's school, the Children's Center, was being honored at half-time. We got to sit courtside. She was an enthusiastic cheerer, every though she often yelled out “Go Purdue!” instead of “Go Eagles!” Oh, well, I've taught her well!

a USM photographer captured a few pictures of us sitting as a family courtside.

This was from the half-time presentation

Trying cheerios for the first time, first real finger food. Still working on our chew and swallow reflex at this point.

I love how intense both of their eyes look, as though they're plotting something against me.

One of our weekly playdates with the Dart family.

End of February: Eleanor is pushing up on hands and knees, rocking back and forth, so close to crawling but still not moving yet. And that's okay with her mama that she stay immobile for a little while longer!

but she's starting to get frustrated every time she falls down on her tummy.

One morning I needed to vacuum, so I told Lila she could watch a show on her iPad (probably Daniel Tiger, her current favorite). She's recently decided she doesn't like the loud sound of the vacuum, so she requested earmuffs. Not sure how well she could hear her show with the vacuum and earmuffs!

Had to capture a picture of this! Lila attends our Mommie & Me First Year class with Eleanor and a lot of other babies, and she stays engaged by bringing her own baby (her Anna doll from Frozen) and doing all the songs and lap bounces along with the other mommies. She'd never done this before, but suddenly in the middle of class, she announced “I need to feed my baby!” and lifted up her shirt to “nurse” her Anna doll. The other moms in the class thought it was so awesome. She continued to do it at home for a day or so, so I got this picture.

Grandma and Grandpa Carey came to visit at the end of February!

Lila had fun with some of those dissolving captures that turn into different animal shapes.

Laughing at something Grandma said.

She loves making all sorts of creative inventions with her new block set.

Grandpa Carey was quite proud of his tower.

The Careys came during quite a cold snap here in Hattiesburg–temps in the 30s! We were all bundled up to play outside on our playset.

Feeling and looking like such a big girl in this swing!

and Lila is learning to pump her legs and swing in the bigger swing, too.

We showed Grandpa and Grandma our new park, too.


Now that Eleanor is sitting up so confidently, we thought we'd try both girls in their new wagon they got for Christmas. We gave Eleanor a little extra padding, just to be safe.

She loved it!

Wheee!!!! Thankful we live on a cul-de-sac!

Wonderful picture of Eleanor and Grandpa Carey.

We tried to take a day trip to Jackson to show the Careys the Children's Museum and the Children's Hospital where Eleanor was born and had her heart surgery. But 30 minutes into our drive there, Lila got violently sick so we turned around and had a lazy day at home while she recovered. Here she is showing Boppa the movie “Frozen” for the first time. Every grandpa of a little girl needs to watch “Frozen” at least once!

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