Chris and Jessica visit MS

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Uncle Chris and Aunt Jessica traveled south from Milwaukee to visit Hattiesburg and meet Eleanor. We had fun showing them around!

It was such a treat for Aunt Jessica and Uncle Chris to come visit from Milwaukee. This was their first time to meet Eleanor!

snuggled up with Uncle Chris to watch her current favorite “Daniel Tiger”

showing off all her fun toys

Of course, Lila had to get our her doctor's kit and white coat to show the real doctors her expertise. It always gets me when she checks Eleanor's heart like this.

She got some pointers from the real doctors in the family.

Their visit coincided with Lila's final Mommie & Me toddler class, so we brought them along for her special graduation class. We've been able to return to the toddler class for about 8 weeks while her regular teacher at the Children's Center was on maternity leave and she only had class on Thurs, instead of T/TH. It was great to have a chance to get some closure and mark the end of this great experience for her, with her aunt and uncle by her side.

She even got a little graduation certificate from her teacher, Ms. Madalene.

Doing the “Wind the Bobbin Up” dance for the last time in class. I may have gotten a little teary-eyed…

Her cheering section in the back of the room.

demonstrating how to make the dinosaurs “ROOOOAAAARRR!!!!”

Eleanor curious about the camera

chewing on everything while those top teeth come in

bedtime stories with Uncle Chris

Our plan to show them the Hattiesburg Zoo was changed when the zoo was closed, so we went to the indoor playground at Chick Fil A instead.

So awesome to have my youngest brother come see our home in Mississippi!

The best picture we could get with all of us on a timer, even though Craig was missing teaching class at USM.

First week of March: still rocking back and forth, and staying up longer on all fours, but still frustrated and falling down when she tries to move. Almost there though!

enjoying the perspective of this new (to her) toy

a bit blurry, but love this cute smile

Enjoying our new park before it closes down for 2 months as they construct a new walking trail around it. The trail will be nice, but it's too bad the construction is right during the nice spring months before the sweltering summer.

trying out strawberries for the first time.

she's a fan, just like her big sis!

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