9 months and crawling

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still so behind on these photoblogs, but I'm hoping to do a blitz and finally get caught up. Here's from back in March–Eleanor started crawling one day after turning 9 months old!

Loving her finger foods

family walk on the Longleaf Trace on a warm March afternoon

9 months old: March 9, 2015

This was about like every photo I tried to take of her on her 9 month birthday: not officially crawling yet, but lunging forward and constantly moving. She was so close!

9mo sweet smiles

Children's Art Festival at the Art Museum in Laurel with friends

being silly with Daddy

sweet hugs from Lila

and sweet sloppy kisses in return from Eleanor

the day after she turned 9mo, Eleanor started crawling! March 10, 2015–a life has never been the same since!

going after some excitement in the other room and following sister anywhere she goes…

we introduced a sippy cup. It's still taking some practice but she's getting the hang of it.

We stayed in Hattiesburg over Craig's Spring Break in March, but we did take a family day trip up to Jackson to go back to the Children's Museum we love so much. We've been back there since leaving last summer, but it was so nice to spend a leisurely morning there and get lunch without rushing around for Eleanor's doctor's appointments at the hospital.

This was Eleanor's first time at the museum outside of Mommy's belly.

How much has changed since our many visits here last summer when I was pregnant!!

Lila's first time up high on this jungle gym

We finally got to use a gift card from a friend to try out a great restaurant near the Children's Museum.

Grandma Southwood made Lila a special speech workshop that we work on with her for some individual sounds. I'm sure she's saying, “one more minute” here.

trying on their Easter dresses to be sure they fit, these two were just so cute I had to snap some pictures.

Eleanor is currently in the hair grabbing stage, and since my hair is so short these days, her favorite target is Lila. Thankfully, and amazingly, Lila doesn't seem to mind and usually just laughs, which of course encourages Eleanor even more.

here we go again!

Thanks, Aunt Jessica, for the idea!

Eleanor has discovered she can look out the back patio door window and loves the view. She's still not pulling up on her own, but she's getting up on her knees.

Big sister helped Eleanor discover the tupperware drawer!

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