March Madness

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St. Patty's Day and the rest of an eventful March in Hattiesburg.

My Midwestern self is still not used to seeing these little guys between the screen and windows here. I always am a bit freaked out until I make sure they're not INSIDE the window!

Playing at “Ethan's beach” at the lake in her friend's neighborhood.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Eleanor had to have her 9 month doctor's appointment and her final monthly RSV shot recommended by her cardiologist during cold/flu season. How did it work out that Eleanor got the shot but Lila got the sucker?!

Still pretty happy even after getting poked.

Her first Mommie & Me First Year class after starting to crawl, and Eleanor was off getting into everything she could grab (and chew on).

looking like she's caught in the act

Our first attempt at the big double cart at Target. Until now, I'd been wearing Eleanor in the ErgoBaby carrier and pushing Lila around in the cart (because I couldn't put Eleanor in her car seat in the cart–that left no room for any items!). So it was fun to get to use this cart, even though it's a beast to maneuver. Both girls definitely enjoyed the new view!

Ready for Purdue's first game in March Madness. Go Boilers! Lila remembered the fun of last year, and she really got into the basketball tournament again this year (maybe because it usually meant a special night of pizza and TV watching in the living room). She's talking so much more now, and she would say the funniest thing as we watched. I explained that Purdue was wearing the black uniforms. She kept screaming, “I want the black man to hoop it into the hoop!” (When UCLA was playing, it was “I want the blue man to hoop it into the hoop!”) She was really getting into it.

a bit blurry, but this was her first probably “formal” performance of “Let It Go” for me and Eleanor, wearing her tutu and waving a magic wand.

On a rainy afternoon, why does Lila get to go outside and I don't?!?!

How many kids can fit into a diaper box (or rather, an “airplane”)?

That is actually Eleanor's foot there–amazing baby flexibility!

Grabbing the lens cap from mommy's camera

Eleanor is now taking two very solid and consistent naps–one in the morning and one in the afternoon, usually around an hour each. But this was a rare occasion when she woke up early from a nap and fell back asleep in my arms, and Lila was actually napping so I thought this might be one of those last naps together and had to snap a photo.


I was laudering and putting away the 9 month clothes and getting the 12 month clothes out of storage for Eleanor, and she was making my sorting take twice as long…

…but having lots of fun!

Pulling books off the shelves like her big sister used to. We've learned from experience and now the bottom shelves are children's books, although she still sometimes pulls Daddy's books off the higher shelves.

Is Eleanor officially a Southern girl now that she's wearing a monogrammed outfit? This is the Southern style around here. This cute outfit was a gift from a friend, and Eleanor got lots of compliments (although I'm sure everyone thought her bow was too small!).

exploring every nook and cranny

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