10 months old

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early April 2015, Eleanor at 10-mos-old

In April, Lila started a weekly gymnastic tumbling class in the early evening, and she is LOVING it! She's very good at it, and it gives her a way to harness her energy in some new skills. We wanted to find a time each week that was devoted Lila and Mommy time because I think we were having some behavior issues as a result of that missing time. It's been really special time for both Mommy and Lila.

Her first time running the long trampoline into the ball pit!

At a play date with our friends the Darts, Eleanor crawled over to her friend Abigail (one month younger) and sat down in her lap!

This is what you do in early April in Mississippi when it's 85 degrees–get out the swimsuits and backyard wading pool!

She REALLY did NOT like that hat!

Eleanor wasn't so sure of the cold water at first, but Lila liked it!

now she's a fan!

Getting into every nook and cranny these days, including Grandma Southwood's leftover stash of Diet Coke in the pantry.

little siblings hanging out at a playdate at the playground

April 9, 2015: 10 months old! She's crawling everywhere, standing up when propped up and holding onto something, playing peek-a-boo, waving lots, and generally just lots of fun!

hard to get a picture of her these days when she's not on the move!

colorful scarves for one of our Book Babies home music programs that Mommy has put together

I remember many pictures of Lila at this age doing this exact thing.

“Mommy, can i get in Eleanor's crib?”

Happy birthday to Mommy! April 12, 2015: Daddy (and the girls) surprised me with banners, party hats, and pancakes on the morning of my birthday. Can't imagine celebrating with a better crew!

all my babies

My mom posted this picture of me when I was 3 years old, and I wanted to compare it side by side with Lila because I saw a lot of similarities.

more fun at gymnastics

I had to snap a pic of this moment because they both were playing independently, quietly, side-by-side in Eleanor's room while I hung up clean clothes in the closet. It didn't last long, and I don't know how long it will be until it happens again, but I had a sweet foreshadowing of the future, I hope.

standing up, with assistance

proud of herself and excited by this new vantage point!

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