April adventures

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Spending a hot weekend afternoon at the Canebrake lake with the Darts

This girl never lets me put a bow or ponytail or anything really in her hair, but she said one day that she wanted pigtails. They lasted for about 10 minutes at home before she yanked them out, but they were just so cute while they lasted!

probaby getting into some mischief with Franklin

I could write a book here about the battles we've gone through with Lila over the past months over napping and sleeping. She decided somewhere in March/April to give up her nap completely (still just 2yo). So it took nearly a month of crying and battling, but we finally got to a place where she would spend about 45 minutes in her room playing quietly as her “quiet rest time” and she has a special owl night light that turns green when her time is over. Well, we finally got to a good place with that, but I still suspected that she really still needed her nap if she would just sit still long enough to fall asleep. Which was confirmed because anytime we would get in the car after 3 p.m. to run errands, she would fall dead asleep like this and be nearly impossible to wake. You still need to nap, Lila, and Mommy still needs the break your nap would give me!!

walking Franklin on the Longleaf Trace

Lila's “school” where she receives speech services serves a lot of special needs children, and they hosted a St. Jude Trike-a-Thon one day after her class. These are her two classmates and special friends, Elijah and Roger.

Happy 5th birthday to Franklin! You're getting your fur and tail pulled a lot more these days, but I hope you also feel some extra love.

at her friend Lincoln's birthday party

Eleanor with her friend Colin, who is 2 weeks younger than her but so big. He's gonna be a linebacker.

Don't all kids need to do this?

Franklin's crate holds some magical attraction. Mommy says, “yucky!”

We went as a family to a USM baseball game. They have a very good baseball program here.

Lila was more interested in the hot dog.

Something funny must've just happened.

Hot days require playdates that involve WATER, all the time in Mississippi.

Loving our big new pool with the bigger kiddos

Another Saturday, another spring birthday party

End of April, Eleanor started pulling up 85% of the way up to standing on her own. She wasn't fully upright yet, but she was getting there! I love how she's standing on her tiptoes here.

making a rainbow

At Eleanor's Mommy & Me class with all the other babies, Lila announced that her baby (Minnie Mouse) needed some milk. ;-)

We took a day trip to Gulfport with the Darts to the great Children's Museum there (and for the mamas to stop at the outlets on the way home).

Ethan and Lila–best buds

adventurous girl climbing by herself to the 2nd floor

more outdoor fun at the Gulfport Children's Museum

These two younger siblings spent most of the time in the stroller, watching the antics of their older brother and sister, and nibbling on either their fingers or their toes.

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