May Mayhem

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Waaaaaaay back in May, all of these fun things happened in Hattiesburg before all of our summer travel craziness. Still trying to catch up…

Train Day at the downtown Hattiesburg Train Depot. One of the better children's events we've attended here in Hattiesburg.

Forget the trains…Lila was most excited to sit in a trolley, like on her favorite show “Daniel Tiger.”

She's been hesitant before about face-painting, but she was brave enough to try this day and she chose a butterfly.

May 9, 2015: 11 months old! crawling like a speed demon, into everything, babbling “dada” “all done” “more” “do (dog)” and “baba” (bye bye). Still not fully pulling up or cruising, but getting closer every day!

My first Mother's Day as Eleanor's mommy.

an adorable photo booth set up at our church for Mother's Day.

Fun at Mommie & Me First Year–Eleanor's baby class

Lila is (mostly) such an attentive, well-behaved, model big sister during the baby class. It makes me so proud! Here she's listening to a book while Eleanor tries to take a bite out of the trampoline.

Back in May when we were still trying to get the hang of Lila's hour-long “quiet time” in her room (since she gave up her nap), she re-appeared in the living room wearing this ensemble, declaring happily that her owl was green but she wanted to go back to playing “restaurant.”

Lila's first check-up at the pediatric dentist was a huge success.

Since it's a pediatric dentist, they have all sorts of bells and whistles to make it fun for the kids, including TV screens on the ceiling for the kids to watch. She selected “Frozen” for her screening.

Big girl underwear! After some progress and setbacks with potty training over the past few months, we decided to try the 3 Day Potty Training Boot Camp, and it was a HUGE success. Lila is such a proud girl here, and she has been ever since.

Happy smiles and new teeth coming in for Eleanor–one more on the bottom side, and the other one is a couple months from breaking through.

One of Lila's last classes at the USM Children's Center–what a blessing this place has been for the past year!

Playing pretend airplane with Daddy, in preparation for our upcoming trip to Vermont.

Grandma Southwood came for a few days and got to visit Eleanor's Mommie & Me class with us. This was about the best picture I could get of the 3 of them there.

Here's a better one at Farm Day, Lila's last day in May at the Children's Center before the summer.

Lots of other kids were waiting in line for their turn to ride the little pony, but Lila declared loudly: “I want to ride the big one!” And she did!

totally cool and confident

petting the baby piglet

checking out the new playground at the Zoo

Eleanor's favorite spot by the back door–next to the toy box and a view of the backyard.

Loving their wagon ride

Sunday Brunch fun with Grandma S. on another visit in late May

Grandma and Grandpa Southwood took Lila to pick out her birthday present a little early–a new bike!

I love this action shot of Lila taking off and Craig running to keep up!

Thanks for my new bike!!

Getting a medal for completing the semester of 3yo Bounderoos tumbling gymnastics classes.

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