Vermont-Part I

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The first half of our lovely trip to Vermont to visit friends in late May.

Setting out on our exciting family trip to visit our dear friends the Holochs in Vermont in late May. Lila had been talking about and preparing for this trip for months, and she finally got to use her own new suitcase. She insisted on pulling it through all the airports herself.

ready to take-off!

Unfortunately, we got stuck in the JetBlue terminal at JFK for a 6 hour delay on our connection. Definitely stressed us out as parents, but these two seasoned travelers handled it with grace and joy and kept our spirits high.

Finally worn out enough to nap on Daddy's shoulder for a bit. We didn't end up getting into out hotel in Boston until 2 a.m. (at one point in the rental car line at 12:30 a.m., I think all 4 of us were either crying or yelling at each other. Definitely a long day!)

But all our travel woes were SO worth it when we finally made it to Burlington, Vermont to visit our friends from grad school, Adele and Peter, and their 3 wonderful boys. Lila was instantly enamoured of “the boys,” as she called them all week.

Eleanor immediately found Molly's water bowl.

Lila got to explore the swing set all by herself one morning while the boys were at school.

Just the ladies (Adele, Amy, Lila, and Eleanor) visited the spectacular Shelbourne Farms for the first time on our first day. Craig was presenting a paper in Boston (the whole inspiration for this trip), so he joined us in Vermont a few days later. This working farm is educational and inspirational, and just down the road from where our friends live!

The sheep was interested in Eleanor, but she was less interested in return.

Lila got a chance to milk this cow!

“I milked a cow!”

“I'm ready for my nap.”

home from school, Ben shows Lila how it's really done on the swings.

quintessential Vermont: a Friday night Burger Night and free concert with kids music down on the farm.

Saturday morning cartoons for the big kiddos

the cheering section for Ben at t-ball

Eleanor, at 11.5 months, finally really started pulling up and standing by herself on this trip.

Ben and Ollie entertaining Eleanor during breakfast, causing total giggle fits.

very focused on her puppet-making when we decided to produce a puppet show

Eleanor supervising the puppet construction

“This is hard work. I need another nap.”

Fajita Night! I just loved seeing all of our kiddos together, in addition to having such good quality time to catch up with our close friends from grad school. To think that our friendship began before any of these babies…

a special movie night before bed (and Craig is here!)

With Craig watching the girls, Adele and I enjoyed a special treat of a ladies brunch at Shelburne Farms restaurant overlooking Lake Champlain. Delicious food and even better company and conversation!

It was the end of the meal before we looked down at the name of the woman in the portait next to our table: Lila Vanderbilt! The wife of the man who originally built Shelbourne Farms was named Lila!

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